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russian bride Elena
Elena 22 y.o.
russian bride Tatsiana
Tatsiana 23 y.o.
russian bride Anna
Anna 18 y.o.
russian bride Виктория
Виктория 33 y.o.
russian bride Альбина
Альбина 32 y.o.
russian bride Mariya
Mariya 24 y.o.
russian bride Оксана
Оксана 21 y.o.
russian bride Anastasiia
Anastasiia 30 y.o.
Top rated Russian women's photos

Instant compatibility
Near most of the profiles of Russian brides there is a set of five hearts. What do they mean? Some ladies have 5 red hearts, others pink or grey hearts.
The red hearts show Instant compatibility with Russian brides. Of course, it does not mean that if you have ideal compatibility with a Russian woman you and she will fall in love immidiately, but you can build long-term and happy relationship!
Online translator
Have you noticed the most interesting women on Russian dating sites speak only Russian and no English?

Yes, in many cases it's true.

We found the solution - an online translator. You can write on your native language and translate the letters that come to you. So, you can understand what Russian girl tells you and she can understand your words too.
Photo rating

I saw many interesting girls in your photo rating, can I put my picture for Russian girls to see? Can I write to girls from photo rating I am interested in?

Please, register to place your photo to photo rating and find out the girls who give you the highest rate. It's a good chance to see who like you. You can also rate brides' pictures. If you give the highest rate in the photo rating then the notification about it will be sent to this girl. Also you can visit profile of any bride listed inside the picture rating.
Audio & video

Do you want to see your bride in a real life?

Do you want your bride to see your video?

Send an audio / video message to your lady.
Russian woman If she has a video cam, ask her to send an audio / video message to you.

Russian Brides Online

Russian brides online - Olga
Olga 34 y.o.
Russian brides online - Татьяна
Татьяна 34 y.o.
Russian brides online - Inna
Inna 33 y.o.
Russian brides online - Alisa
Alisa 22 y.o.
Russian brides online - марина
марина 22 y.o.
Russian brides online - Виктория
Виктория 28 y.o.
Russian brides online - Marina
Marina 33 y.o.
Russian brides online - Kateryna
Kateryna 28 y.o.
More Russian Brides Online Right Now!
Anti scam program
e - Russian brides anti-scam program

We have the unique anti-scam program that helps our site to get rid of scammers. We do look through scammers lists, also we have our own scammer list, where people can register scammers.

It is easy for scammers - to change names, photos, email addresses. But some things they can't change and we follow them to guard you from them.


We add 70-120 new profiles of single Russian girls and Russian women to our online database every week.

Every week we reject 50-80 scammers that try to register to the site. We check every bride profile manually.

Every week 30-50 girls delete their profiles from our online database as they found their soul mate and do not need our service anymore.

Almost every day we receive testimonials from our clients who have found their partners through our dating service.

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Detailed compatibility report


We all want to have a partner to love, to cherish, to care and to be loved in return. How to find a right girl? How to build harmonious relationships?

Man has too little information abour a girl that he correspond online. A man finds a girl, he comes to meet her, they have several precious days together and then he has to return back. He has choice to wait for another time and meet again, but it is again several days or to make a fiancee visa for her and invite her to his place.

Read our in-depth detailed compatibility report to understand what will the future bring to you.

Top rated women in bikini photos

Russian brides bikini - Anna
Anna 18 y.o.
Russian brides bikini - Евгения
Евгения 26 y.o.
Russian brides bikini - Di
Di 18 y.o.
Russian brides bikini - Елизавета
Елизавета 27 y.o.
Russian brides bikini - Tasha
Tasha 32 y.o.
Russian brides bikini - Елена
Елена 27 y.o.
Russian brides bikini - Olesya
Olesya 35 y.o.
Russian brides bikini - Alexsandra
Alexsandra 30 y.o.
Top rated women in bikini photos

The types of Russian women that can be met on dating sites (and in life :) )

1st type
"In all sincerity"
Russian woman
They always write something funny and very personal filling up a questionnaire. These girls look for close and intimate relationship. They are sensual, natural and they do not demand too much of their man. Girls of this type do not try to demonstrate their advantages, so any man feels as a real man near this type of woman.
2nd type
"Sex appeal"
blonde Russian brides
Their photos look like photos from the covers of fashion magazines. They try to show their success making photos in high-priced clothes or near the expensive cars. These girls have achieved success, they are very active and full of initiative, and so they want to have an active and successful man as their partner.
3rd type
"Stability and reliability"
The photos of these girls look like photos for the documents. These girls look for stability and safety in relationships. They are faithful wives and good mothers. They are attached to their parents, friends, and all their life too much, so they need time to make up their mind to move and to adapt to their new life.
4th type
"Artistry and creation"
Backgrounds of these girls' photos are with flowers, landscapes or even with some computer graphic. Their appearance is very extraordinary and always attracts attention. They write something romantic and philosophical filling a questionnaire. These girls look for attention and admiration.

Russian Brides of Model Quality

model quality Russian brides - Танюшка
Танюшка 38 y.o.
model quality Russian brides - Anna
Anna 18 y.o.
model quality Russian brides - Дарья
Дарья 18 y.o.
model quality Russian brides - Alina
Alina 31 y.o.
model quality Russian brides - Олеся
Олеся 21 y.o.
model quality Russian brides - Irene
Irene 32 y.o.
model quality Russian brides - оксана
оксана 39 y.o.
model quality Russian brides - Елизавета
Елизавета 27 y.o.
More Russian brides of model quality

How to find love in Russia
Step 1 Register to the site, try to put several good photos of you (not made by your mobile)
Step 2 Be active - show yourself as a confident and energetic man as you certainly are. Write letters. The best number is 40-50. It will allow you to see who youare comfortable with, who will be interested in you.
Step 3 Communicate with several Russian women you like. See if they answer your question, if you are comfortable with them. You won't know what to say with some of them, but you will instantly find some topics with others.
Step 4 Do not make the communication by letter long. Russian ladies mostly do not like it. They are afaid that it will lead to no result but they are seriously minded and want good result. Ask for a telephone number and phone to her.
Step 5 If she has children ask her about them. Tell her about your children. Ask important points about family relationship, about children upbringing
Step 6 If you really like her after telephone calls and letters, if you wait for the time to phone - do not waste time, do not make the time destroy something that began to grow between you- Come to Russia and meet her personally. Live in the hotel , not in her place, if you fall in love with each other, she will make you acquainted with her parents, children.
Step 7 Try to arrange the next meeting as soon as possible or make arrangements to marry her.

Most Beautiful Russian Brides

Russian brides dating - Tatiana
Tatiana 28 y.o.
Russian brides dating - Марина
Марина 27 y.o.
Russian brides dating - Диана
Диана 24 y.o.
Russian brides dating - Anastatia
Anastatia 21 y.o.
Russian brides dating - Лилия
Лилия 21 y.o.
Russian brides dating - Наталия
Наталия 38 y.o.
Russian brides dating - Anastasia
Anastasia 29 y.o.
Russian brides dating - Tatiana
Tatiana 28 y.o.
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